Clarity by Kim Harrington

by Kim Harrington

Girl from a family of psychic’s who solves the mystery of a murder in a cool seaside tourist town.

Cover: Display or Shelve?
This cover in real life looks so HD. It’s so sharp and clean. And I bet you didn’t notice, there are these awesome swirls in amongst her hair. Definitely ‘display’.

Notable Thoughts
The town was very cool and atmospheric. The characters were fun, realistic and interesting although I got a bit confused with all the names of the guys. I didn’t guess the mystery but it wasn’t a jaw-dropping discovery and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something like it before. I got a bit annoyed that the main character (Clarity) would get one hint and suddenly be all like “it was him/her! They did it – they were the murderer! Oh… wait… maybe not…”. I’m also not a huge fan of pyschics.. But it was certainly a fun, easy read.

Reread or Remember?
Another trilogy – not that that is a bad thing. And I would probably re-read but only because its so short and quick to read. Otherwise, I don’t think the sequel Perception really links on so there wouldn’t be much need to.

3 OUT OF 5

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