A Million Suns by Beth Revis

by Beth Revis

The second in a trilogy (Across the Universe is first) about a girl unfrozen on a spaceship heading for a new planet and there are lots of mysteries involved.

Cover: Display or Shelve?
This isn’t your typical YA book cover and that’s what I like about it. It fits the story what with the hatch looking out the spaceship (although the main characters are supposed to be teenagers and the models on the front don’t look like that, plus the guy has long hair and darker colouring, but whatever). I’m one for neatness and this cover is all neat and clean and I really like it. So I’m going to say ‘display’.

Notable Thoughts
I loved it. There were even more strange and mysterious things, clues, deaths, doors, just like the first one. Unlike many books (mainly dystopian) where the first novel is one thing or place and then they escape and the second is crazy different, this is more of the same in a very good way. The characters all acted realistically – all of them, every single person on the spaceship – and I felt so sorry for Elder having to try and control them all when a rebellion seems possible. But these characters actually do things instead of thinking about doing something for ages. Every chapter has some big event and I found it hard not to skip ahead!

Reread or Remember?
Like many YA books, this is a trilogy and it’s a mark of a good book – especially one that’s quite long – when you want to reread it before you read the sequel, as opposed to trying to remember. For this one, I reread the first one as there were so many mysteries and hints etc. And I really liked it because it was so different to all the other books out there at the moment.

5 OUT OF 5


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