Book Review – Supernaturally by Kiersten White

Supernaturally by Kiersten White – 3 Stars
The first one in this series (Paranormalcy) was a good, fun read with an interesting plot and a new take on supernatural things. However the sequel seems to have the tiniest amount of plot and a couple of flaws. Like many other reviews I’ve read for this, I thought not much happened in the book and, with a couple of things not answered, it looks like its probably setting it up for the last one (Endlessly). There’s a new character named Jack who seems to pop up in every conceivable location for no apparent reason plus you kind of don’t want Evie’s boyfriend, Lend, to show up as they’ll do is shout about trust to each other. There are some pretty random action plot ideas too.
However, I gave it three stars instead of lower because I still like the characters and – even though it got pretty annoying that she was so darn good and moral all the time, not wanting to hurt anything – Evie was a very realistic protagonist because of this.

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