Looking for something new…?

To watch that is.
(I haven’t been on much recently as I’m at uni all week and I don’t have the internet at my flat).
Here’s some AWESOME TV shows you should totally watch…

Cougar Town
I got Series 2 in the post today! I love this show – it’s just so funny and I could watch the same episode over and over and keep laughing. Basically it stars Courtney Cox and is about six friends (including her ex-husband and her son) and all the crazy things they do. It’s not serious in the slightest and is just really fun. The first few episodes of series 1 were really bad but they get so much better. Plus, the title is nothing to do with anything about the show and the creators (the same people as Scrubs) are coming up with something new.

The Vampire Diaries
Series 3 has started and it’s just as amazing as the first two. Yes, its about vampires and werewolves and witches (which I’m so bored of right now) but they make it so realistic. There are so many surprising twists, great characters and storylines. I absolutely love it!

Gossip Girl
I started to hate this show. All they did was sabotage each other and ruin their friendships. But they seemed to have realised that was all they were doing and now they don’t do that at all. Plus, they got rid of Jenny and Vanessa – yay! If you don’t know what it’s about: rich teenagers who live in New York basically. As for the new season, I really like the Prince Louis story and hope it all works happily for them!

Action (gunfights, explosions, fighting), romance and surprises. This show is about Nikita who once worked for a government group – who were basically assassins – but escaped and is trying to take them down. That was season 1 anyway. Season 2 has some awesome episodes so far and I love the romance they’ve brought to it.


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