Film Review: Captain America- The First Avenger

I saw this in 3D yesterday and I really loved it!
The film is set in the 1940s and starts with Steve Rogers- short, weedy and so cute and tiny! He wants to be a soldier but because of the aforementioned things- and the fact that he is pretty ill- he keeps being rejected. But then he is chosen to become a ‘Super Soldier’ and bam! He goes into a machine scrawny, and comes out looking like Thor.
The first part of the film was really atmospheric- it actually reminded me of Pearl Harbour- and you really get to know and like Steve. The latter half of the film is less about the characters really and more about action but that’s still good.
 here’s also Stark Expo in it,like in Iron Man 2- but as this was like 70 years before, Howard Stark is there demonstrating his technology. This bit seemed like they were really just joining the films, but as I’m so excited about The Avengers and all the linking with characters etc, it was pretty cool.
Chris Evans was good at playing both the small guy who gets bullied and also the guy with the super-strength (although he really only uses that shield of his to bash people with) but still keeping the same character. Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter was one of my favourite female characters as she was strong, with an awesomely good aim, and wasn’t all like ‘Oh Captain America- I love you!!’ I also loved her lipstick!
The only bad thing I could find was the villain. I mean, he was fine but he wasn’t really really evil. He didn’t have a big personality- he just wanted to take over the world basically. And he wasn’t very charasmatic.
But then the end…. setting up for The Avengers… awesome!!
Overall, I really loved his film. It had lots of action and was really atmospheric.
P.S. Stay after the credits to watch an extra scene. There’s also the first proper trailer for The Avengers after too but it’s so quick and flashy that you can barely see anything. If you can, watch out for Cobie Smulders from How I Met Your Mother!


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