Book Review: The Mediator Series and The Airhead Series by Meg Cabot

The Mediator 1: Love You to Death: No. 1Runaway (Airhead)

Yes, I know these books came out AGES ago. But I absolutely love Meg Cabot and, if you haven’t read any of hers or if you haven’t read either of these two series’ you HAVE to!!
The Mediator Series
Basic plot: Suze can see ghosts and she helps them move on to their next life or whatever.
These books are just so funny and action-packed and amazing. Plus, they have Jesse. He is the only guy in any book I have read that I’ve fancied… He also happens to be a ghost. And he lives in Suze’s bedroom.
The Airhead Series
Basic plot: Tomboy Em almost dies and gets a brain transplant. But the brain she gets given is that of supermodel Nikki Howard. She then has to pretend to be Nikki and try and figure out what’s going on at mysterious mega company Stark who she works for.
I love this series for so many reasons, not least because it’s set in New York where she has an awesome apartment and she’s a model and gets to wear awesome clothes and make-up. There’s also Christopher- Em’s friend whom she wishes was more…  and her new friend Lulu who is just so cute and funny! And there’s more than one twist in these books!


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