Film Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

This review may contain the smallest of spoilers (and sorry if you don’t understand what the frick I’m talking about!)
Just returned from watching this in the cinema. And overall, well, it didn’t live up to my expectations. It wasn’t as if I was getting all hyped up that it was going to be AMAZING, it was just… I imagined all these scenes so much better and dramatic, and sadder. I didn’t cry once. And it seemed a bit bitty.
The good:
The teachers and everyone going about protecting the castle. The closest I came to crying was this bit, with the statues marching off to protect them and creating a barrier. And Ron and Hermione… And Snape was really good. I also liked how they had lots of the characters from previous films back, such as Cho and Lavender, Trelawny and Filch. They may have been in it for like a second each, but it still made it feel like Hogwarts. It also stuck pretty closely to the book with only a few set changes.

The bad:
This was less of a character story like Part 1 (although there was tons of close-up shots of Harry.. sigh) and more action. Most of the characters- like Ron and Hermione- hardly seem to be in it at all. But I guess this is Harry’s story so that’s fine. Some bits were slow, for example talking to Griphook and Olivander at the beginning, it took them ages to say anything- people don’t talk that slow in real life!! And other long bits which could have been cut to add detail to other characters in the final battle. For example, I expected Fred dying to be really sad, but you barely see him dead. Also I expected Mrs Weasley to go crazy angry in her fight, but she wasn’t at all which was really disappointing. AND, why did people keep dying in random ways? Surely the only way to kill someone really is by Avada Kadavra.

Well, its not the best of the films. Some bits felt rushed and others dragged while some bits weren’t needed at all. But it’s Harry Potter- the last one!- so it was pretty sad when it ended. Although the 19 years later bit? I wasn’t a fan of that bit at all, in the book its fine, but here? When the ‘parents’ look about 5 years older than their kids? It just looked unrealistic and silly. But whatever, the audience at the cinema clapped when it ended and its so sad that the series has ended. I’ve seen every single one of them on the day it came out (some of them at advanced screenings!) and remember clearly getting a poster book before 1 came out and thinking ‘oh, that’s going to be Hagrid? I imagined him like that. And Snape, he look’s perfect!’
But it must be hard for the film to fit everyone’s expectations… but wait! They were only expectations because they were actually in the book so I figured thats how they would show it!! Grr. Whatever, you should go watch it anyway.


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