Backstage Beauty

I’ve decided to do a series of posts with magazine style pages from A/W 2011. I hope you enjoy!
First up, here are some simple, wearable beauty trends:

Lanvin and Gucci are the two noteable mascara laiden shows this season.  The former with clean skin, nude lips and soft hair and the latter with awesome red lips. Both very wearable!
Trouble is, those who don’t know this is the fashion will just think you’re bad at applying mascara, what with clumpiness and spideryness and everything… sigh..

A hint of blush was seen at many of the shows, low on the cheeks and barely there. Dolce and Gabbana is more sculpted cheeks while Marc by Marc Jacobs has a very natural are-you-even-wearing-make-up? look.

Red lips are still in fashion but this time they’re more tomato-y coloured, or berry like. Gucci, like last season, having matching red lips and nails in a deep shiny hue while Ralph Lauren has an orange-y tint. Shiny, dewy skin and lots of mascara with your red lip make an easy, fashionable look.

Ponytails and buns are in. Whether high sleeked back ones at Louis Vuitton, or softer girly ones with tendrils loose at Valentino. Or you could go for a mix, with Gucci’s shiny top section and frizzy soft below the tie. And, as usual natural wavy hair was seen at shows such as Chloe, D&G and Isabel Marant.


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