Film Review: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

NO spoilers in this review..
Saw the new Pirates yesterday in 2D and, although its not as good as the very first one- they’ll NEVER be able to beat that- it was still pretty fun.
There are some amazing scenes such as the first one- London Escape which is fast paced, fun and, for someone interested in history like me, awesome with the carriages, buildings, people in cool clothes etc. That is one of my favourite scenes. But my favourite was definitely the mermaids. They were so awesome!! It was all tense waiting for them to appear and Gemma Ward as the first mermaid seems all otherworldly and beautiful and dangerous. Just like all the mermaids really, who are lethal. However, there were a couple of scenes that dragged a bit with the characters explaining what was going on a lot- like they were worried it would be a repeat of the third one where no one seemed to understand what was going on (I still love 3 though). And several of the scenes with Jack and Angelica could have been cut- their feelings for one another didn’t seem all that real.
As for specific character reviews: Jack didn’t say many crazy topsy-turvy lines like he usually does and when he was talking to Gibbs at the beginning he just seemed kind of normal. But he was still Jack Sparrow and thus awesome. Barbossa had an interesting story throughout and was one of the best characters in the film. I didn’t really warm to Angelica although she was fine in it. But, just like Philip and Syreena (pictured), there was not much background to their characters, you never really felt like you knew them or why they were doing these things. In Pirates 1, you really got to understand Will and Elizabeth and understand their history and their romance was awesome. But Philip and Syreena’s romance (come on, thats not a spoiler, you knew they were going to get together- they were supposed to be the new Will and Elizabeth) seems very sudden. You can understand why he likes her, mermaids are really pretty and lure sailors in- so his love might not be real?- but she suddenly loves him too.
Overall, it was a fun film- I LOVE the mermaids!!- although some bits seem to be skipped over with not much detail as though they wanted more Jack/ Angelica scenes, which I would rather they had cut. There was also a scene with a load of pistols Jack had to choose from which I did not understand why it was happening, but whatever, maybe I was just being stupid there.
I’m going to go see it again next week with my family so maybe I’ll post a tiny update review for second opinions as it usually is better.


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