Review of Relatively New Things

1. Littlebigplanet2

Bought this the other day in the sale at Game. I’ve heard loads of good reviews- amazon has given it 5 stars- and I loved the first one. But this one? Hmmm… Woo, there are like 50 course? But they only take like two minutes to complete. I liked several of the levels- the watery forest one and the cake one for example- but the others just seemed to blur into one another. All kind of factory/spacey types. There were also those weird fluffy animals that could do different things you could ride, but it gave you like an introduction to using them level, and then that was it. You never used them again (hardly). There was a lot of shooting vertical moving levels (if you understand that) which got kinda dull. The cinematics also tried to be funny, and failed, badly.
I LOVED Littlebigplanet 1, the levels were all awesome and recognisably different and the music was really good too. (There are some good songs in LBP2 though) So if you don’t already have LBP1- get it! But I feel like I’m missing something that everyone else seems to get about the sequel. Where are all these 5 stars amazing reviews coming from? I would give it like a 2. Sigh.

2. Across the Universe by Beth Revis
Across the Universe
Bought this for my birthday after hearing all the good reviews. Basically- some girl (Amy)  is frozen along with her parents to wake up in like 150 years time when they land on a new planet. But she wakes up midway on the ship taking them and meets Elder- the main guy who, guess what? she falls in love with! Theres also some person waking up other frozen people which basically kills them.
So yeah, get it? Anyway. I got really into it while I was reading as I read the last half all in one go. There’s some crazy ‘season’ mating kinda stuff going on but it all makes sense. And there’s some big twists and stuff at the end that you shoulda seen coming, but ya didn’t. (I’m talking all ker-razy!) One thing that didn’t add up was how she met Elder for like a second and then suddenly he was the only one on this whole ship (which has hundreds of people- none of whom shes met) who she can trust. And also the whole red hair Amy has, has been done so many times!! Yes, it looks like the sunset or fire or whatever elequent thing you can come up with. We know! But, ignoring those tiny things, it was a good read and I’ll definitely be reading the next one.

3. Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

I looked at this originally cos I liked the cover. I mean, you ALWAYS judge a book by its cover. And yeah it has vampires and werewolves and fairies etc in which is getting kinda boring, but its a fresh take on it that makes fun of- and is more realistic- other books about them. Its a really fun book, the heroine is fun and happy and not depressing and mopey like every other heroine. And theres a twist which is awesome. The only problem I had, maybe it was just me, but the main guy- Lend- he’s really nice, friendly, funny, but he seems kind of young and he didn’t really seem like crush material although when you first meet him he’s all kind of mysterious so you like him. Which is an annoying thing to happen- you want to like the nice guys and not be idiotic and like the dangerous dark guys. Grr. But yeah, it actually made me laugh which is saying something. Read it!

4. City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare
The Mortal Instruments 4: City of Fallen Angels
Finished this this morning. I wasn’t that amazed by the first three, mostly because Jace and how he was constantly described (golden hair etc and everyone talking about how amazing he is) annoyed me. But that got slightly better in this one, although he did get depressing- ‘am I too much like Sebastian or my father? Why do you love me Clary when I’m like them?’- argh!! she obviously doesn’t care about it so why should you? And just because someone evil raised you, doesn’t mean you are inherently evil. Anyway, I liked this one better than the other three and the story still had me guessing even though I kept coming up with theories all the way throughout. But I still don’t understand why people like Jace better than Will Herondale! Will is so much awesomer.

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