The best TV shows… EVER!

In no particular order:

The Vampire Diaries
Currently on it’s second season, this show is AMAZING! Definitely my favourite! The whole vampires trend is really annoying me but TVD makes it new and awesome. The characters are so real and Damon is, obviously, awesome. It always keeps you guessing, has GREAT plotlines and really well written. The flashbacks to 1850 or whatever are really fun too.

How I Met Your Mother
Season Six is currently showing. As with most shows, some episodes are blah while others are just so hilariously funny! (Awesome episodes: ‘Swarley’, ‘Slap Bet’, ‘Arrivederci Feiro’, ‘Of Course’) Sometimes Barney gets to be a little too much but generally he is just really funny. I love all the characters and they often have famous guest stars. I have all the DVDs and for the past few days I’ve been watching like ALL the episodes. They’re amazing!

On it’s first season and I just started watching it last week. About a woman- Nikita- who was in this secret govenment group who teach you how to be an assassin. But then she escaped and now she wants to take them down. It sounds like quite a typical set-up but it manages to feel really new. Its a bit like the Bourne films but with a girl who can beat up a bunch of guys then step out of her black outfit and reveal she’s wearing an awesome dress and escape from the building by pretending to be some rich guy’s date.

The Big Bang Theory
Currently on its fourth season. I haven’t watched all the episodes but I watch it when it’s on TV. Very funny and the characters are all really cool and different.

Currently on its seventh season and the last one is tonight. So clever and funny.

On it’s tenth and final season. I watched like the first three and then stopped for ages and started watching it at the end of nine. Clark and Lois are really awesome together (and Clark is played by Tom Welling- NICE!) The writing is really good and funny even if the plotlines aren’t all that great.

Gossip Girl
On its fourth season although I haven’t watched any of it yet, waiting for the DVDs. I like this show but most of the characters annoy me as all they do is sabotage themselves, ALL THE TIME! Although you can’t not like Chuck.

TV show that are no longer showing but were AWESOME!!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
This has to be like best show EVER! It ran for seven seasons, all of them being just as awesome as the others. Really funny, characters you actually care about and PROPER VAMPIRES. Okay, I know that’s stupid to say they’re proper vampires as they don’t exist, but these ones die in the sunlight and from being staked in the heart. They also can’t come in unless they are invited. (Just like The Vampire Diaries- go them). If you haven’t watched Buffy then you’re CrAzY! Angel was totally the first guy I ever fancied. I’m don’t actually have the DVDs but I’m going to buy the boxset for my birthday. Can’t wait!!!!!!

I only started watching this like a year or less before it ended. It had nine seasons and all of them were awesome. Although Dr Cox annoys me SO MUCH. I wish he would just shut up with the really long rants. But J.D. and Turk are so funny together and Elliot’s expressions. Awesome show.

Had eight seasons and they were all amazing. My favourite of the sisters kept switching as they were all just so awesome! Had some funny episodes- the one where each of them lose a different sense and the one where they revert to being kids. And sad ones- like the one where Prue died!!

This is just so obvious. Ran for ten seasons and they were all awesome. I think that’s all I really need to say.


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  1. What is hustle about? I’m not sure I know it.

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