Movie Review: Tangled

‘Then I’ll brush and brush and brush and brush my hair, stuck in the same place I’ve always been’
This film is AWESOME! Definitely one of the best Disney films-ever! You HAVE to go see it!
The graphics are amazing and some of the things they do, like how they move or little things such as her flicking her hair away from her face, are so realistic. Rapunzel herself is just so cool and Mandy Moore is perfect as her voice. She’s not just the typical girl who needs a guy to save her, in fact, she saves him sometimes and drags him around everywhere. But that doesn’t make Flynn the helpless one. He’s a thief wanted by basically everyone, witty and rather conscious of his good-looks!
I’m not a huge fan of the talking animal sidekicks in all Disney films- but I love Sebastian and Scuttle in Little Mermaid- but Pascal- Rapunzel’s chameleon (weird huh?) doesn’t talk and is so cute! When he gets picked up or dropped or whatever, he squeaks! There’s also a horse called Max who is rather like a dog in how he acts and is always after Flynn.
There’s only a few songs and I absolutely love two of them. The first one is about what she does in her tower all day and is really catchy and the other is in this awesome scene with lanterns floating all around them.
All in all, I LOVED this film. It’s just so fun and romantic and awesome. Go see it!!!!


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