List of Awesome

1. I love Benefit make-up and have quite a few of their products including CORALista and You’re Bluffing. (I also have Dandelion but I got it off ebay and I think it’s a fake. Sob.) They have a new blush out called Bella Bamba (what kind of a name is that??). Even make-up brands are going in for the new 3D trend, apparently this blush is too! But of course its 3D, it’s a real life thing. Anyway, it looks really awesome and I love the box, all mermaid scale-like, with a mirror in the lid!

2. I bought a ring from Accessorize the other day and it’s awesome- hence why it’s on this List of Awesome. I went in like every day to get it but they ALWAYS had large or medium. Never small!! But finally, they did. I think there was only one. Its like gold viney-ness with flowers on.
3. New Disney film- Tangled- out soon! Awesome with awesome catchy songs and Pascal- the chamelion sidekick (who doesn’t talk thankfully- I was dreading a stupid talking sidekick) is really cute!!
4. I’ve been watching random How I Met Your Mother episodes from my DVDs- I have all the series’- and they’re AWESOME! If you haven’t watched it, why not?? Series 5 isn’t that great though but series 2 is amazing.
5. Hustle is on tonight. If you haven’t watched that you really should too. It’s about this group of con artists in London who, well, con people. It’s all glamorous and funny and really clever. I LOVE IT!! There’s been six seasons and they’re on seven now. Four wasn’t the great but ALL the others are!

7. I wore my red lipstick to Uni the other day. That may not seem awesome to you, but it was awesome for me!
8. I started Uncharted 2 on Crushing yesterday. I love that game.


About rutheb

Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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