Your quick guide to: Games

Its coming up to Christmas (obviously) and one of the most awesome presents to get- at least I think so- are video games. So here’s a guide to the best ones out there at the moment (and one coming for Christmas NEXT year!):
Uncharted 1 and 2- The best game ever!!

This is exclusively for PS3. You play as Nathan Drake (above) in this story orientated game with awesome characters, funny dialogue and lots of twists. It’s part action, adventure and shooting. I didn’t want it for ages because it looked like just a male version of Tomb Raider but woah, I was wrong. It’s so so so much better!! It’s like playing a film. And the multiplayer is amazing fun. I got this game in like the middle of this year and I’m still playing it! I love it!!
Professor Layton
This is exclusively for Nintendo DS. It’s puzzle orientated but with a cool mystery story. At the moment there are three of them, Curious Village, Pandora’s Box and Lost Future but Japan are already on like the sixth game. There’s even a film out starring them!
Mario Kart
Any Mario Kart for any Nintendo console is worth playing. The Wii version is fun but it seems to be less about tactics and skill and more luck when blue shells, lightening and POW block all hit you in a row. The DS version is loads of fun, especially when you play with your friends.
Exclusively for PS3. You play as Sackboy in this crazy adventure. It’s got lots of awesome fun levels and once you’ve completed that you can make your own. Although, it is VERY hard to make your course look ANYTHING like the ones that are already on there and, to be honest, I haven’t played it very recently. But, there was an awesome Pirates of the Caribbean set of courses I bought and it’s so much fun and addictive when you first get it. But then Uncharted came along and now nothing will ever be as good….
Assassins Creed
For PS3 and XBox360. You play an assassin in history, for the newest game- Ezio in Renaissance Italy. You can go literally EVERYWHERE in the cities you arrive in (apart from indoors of course) and can climb up the building and jump across the rooftops. It’s so much fun to run around. The new game- Brotherhood- also includes a pretty fun multiplayer game.
Now for the game for NEXT Christmas- Uncharted 3

This game was only announced with pictures and title- Drake’s Deception- a few days ago. Also only for PS3, this game is going to be awesome! It comes out Dec 1st next year.


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