We’re Marley and Marley

My favourite Christmas films
This’ll be a quick post as I really should be doing other things.

Muppet Christmas Carol
This is my all-time favourite Christmas film. It’s the one I watch every Christmas Eve. If you haven’t watched it… why not?? It’s amazing. It was actually the first thing I ever saw Michael Caine in! The songs get stuck in my head forever. “We’re Marley and Marley. Ooooooh.”

Jack Frost
This is such an awesome film about this boy who’s Dad dies one Christmas time and the year after he comes back as a snowman. Which sounds sad, and I guess it is, especially at the end, but it’s a really Christmassy cool film starring Michael Keaton.

Who doesn’t like this film at Christmas? I’m not really one for comedy films, I just find them stupid but I love Will Ferrell in this silly, funny film.

Miracle on 34th Street
I saw this for the first time two years ago and, although it’s not an amazing film, it’s become a traditional Christmas one and it’s just good fun to watch.


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