Buffy and the Blitz

27 days until Christmas- woooo!!!
Anyways. Last week I went into the Uni library and found the DVD collection where they had the boxset of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Series 2 and 3!! I watched Buffy when it came out, I think I must have been about eight or something and I don’t think I really understood much apart from the main story. But I borrowed Series 2 (for free- awesome library!!) and it’s so awesome! I love Angel, Spike and Drusilla as the bad guys and Willow and Xander are so cute and funny! Giles is amazing too.
Sigh. I love Buffy. Have to get series 3 when I go back. Can hardly remember what happens, except for Faith and the Mayor. Faith was awesome.
The latest episode of How I Met Your Mother was called Blitzgiving and was about how someone was ‘the Blitz’ which meant they were cursed- every time they leave the room (to go home or whatever) something awesome happens.
I think I’m kind of like the Blitz. When I left primary school they rebuilt like the entire place. When I left secondary school they had just built a sixth form centre which I got to be in for like two weeks. And now it looks like when I leave Uni they’ll have built a big brand new building which looks awesome.


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