Film Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One

I went to see Harry Potter midday yesterday and there were like ten people in the cinema while all the later showings were booked up! How awesome!
Anyway. One thing that struck my about the film was how close it was to the book. Probably the closest of all the films. Lines like Fleur’s ‘Don’t look at me Bill, I’m ‘ideous’ when she’s turns into Harry and Fred (or George) saying ‘I feel like a saint… I’m holey!’ are all on it which are cool. When they use the Polyjuice Potion and infiltrate the Ministry of Magic, bits like Moody’s eye on Unbridge’s door and ‘Ron’ having to stop the rain in someone office are all there. Like the book also, it’s all about Harry, Hermione and Ron with Snape, Hagrid, the Weasleys, the Malfoys and even Voldemort not in that much. Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s just a fact. But there are lots of new characters, like Mr Lovegood, Rufus Scrimgeur, Bathilda Bagshot and Bill Weasley (but no Charlie).
Knowing exactly what’s going to happen and what’s a trap (if you’ve read the books that is) isn’t necessarily a bad thing. On the contrary, it makes you even more anxious and scared because the bad guys are more dangerous and unpredictable. Yes, its much darker than the previous films, but there are still bits where you laugh (well, I didn’t. It takes an awful lot to make me laugh in a film, but others did).
In most reviews I’ve read, they say the middle bit is slow and I guess it is, but if you care about the characters then it doesn’t matter.
On a different note, I loved all of Hermione’s clothes!
All in all, it was a very good film, less action but what there is is good and quite dark. When Hermione erases her parent’s memories (which is actually shown unlike in the book) and when Hedwig died it was really sad. I’m almost dreading the last one where more characters die as I was actually close to crying. And I’ve never cried in a film- I don’t want my record to end!!
So yeah, it was awesome.


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