An awesome week!

All the awesome Friday things have passed. Obviously watched Harry Potter (see my review in previous post) and I’ve got Assassins Creed Brotherhood.
The multiplayer is really fun: there’s couple of modes but basically you have to assassinate others while being tracked yourself. There’s lots of clones of you around the city so you can hide in plain sight. It’s loads of fun to be walking with other random people while the person who’s trying to find you runs right past or kills a civilian next to you thinking its you.
However, it’s annoying that only one person can play as each character so you have to be really quick to select the player you want. And also that you can’t protect yourself if they’ve locked onto you and have pressed the assassinate button- you’re stuck waiting for them to jump on you or whatever. There also only seems to be two places to play in but I don’t know if you unlock more if you get to a higher level..?
The game itself is obviously similar to the previous ones. Some differences in the amount of game I’ve played so far: you can ride your horse around the city and there’s a bit where your villa is under seige and you have to fire cannons at them.
Also, on Tuesday I got a niece! Her name is Imogen and she’s so cute!!
So that was an awesome week for me!


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Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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