News In Brief

Yeah, so I didn’t get the internet on the 21st. Apparently BT had no records of us ever making any arrangements for installation. So now it should be sometime next week I think…
1. I love Meg Cabot books. They’re just so fun and awesome to read and the main guys are always amazing. Especially Jesse.. And here’s a new book she’s bringing out next year called ‘Abandon’:

Isn’t the cover AMAZING!!? Apparently it’s not the final draft but its so preeety!
2. Taylor Swift has a new album out called ‘Speak Now’ which I got from iTunes the day it was released (Monday). There’s some really awesome songs on there like ‘Back to December’ ‘Mean’ ‘Story of Us’ ‘Better than Revenge’ and ‘Ours’ (the last one is a bonus song from iTunes). I really like it but ‘Fearless’ is still probably my favourite album. But maybe I just have to listen to it more. Below is the single cover for ‘Mean’.

3. I hate Uni. It’s expensive and I have no idea where the money goes. I mean, they have overhead projectors! At school every classroom (I mean EVERY classroom even the art rooms where they were never used) had interactive whiteboards. All Uni has spent it on is online resources like journals and rubbish. And I have a gazillion essays to write, all of them about useless, meaningless things. Like what historians think. Who cares what they think?!?!? Anyway. Calm…
4. There’s like a million DVDS coming out soon that I want. And DS games. For example: Iron Man 2 came out on Monday and I have that to watch for the first time this evening. Killers came out which I want to watch. Inception is out on December 6th. How I Met Your Mother Series 5 is out on like November 8th. Toy Story 3 in November which surprisingly, I haven’t seen yet. And The Sims 3 for DS comes out tomorrow. I really hope it’s like the PC version. Even like Sims 1 would be amazing on DS! And Professor Layton and the Lost Future came out the other day. I love Prof Layton but that’s going to be a Christmas present. I can’t wait!
5. I haven’t watched Smallville in AGES. But I started watching from near the end of Season 9 and now I’m watching as Season 10 comes out in the US. The villains and storylines may not be great but I love Clark and Lois together. And, finally!, Clark told Lois his secret!! Woo!
6. The Vampire Diaries was awesome last week! Stefan crying was so sad, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guy cry like that before!


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