Dreams and broken necklaces

I’m back home wearing my new scarf from Accessorize- (The one the girl on the right is wearing) Awesome huh? And I love the slipper boots she’s wearing too but I don’t really wear slippers. The bag the left girl has, I have ,just a bit smaller and in khaki green material. It’s amazing!

On Thursday, there was a student night in Bath where some of the shops were open late and Topshop had 20% off. There was a huge queue of girls, it was crazy! The shop was so busy and it didn’t help that I had my laptop in my bag so I was whacking everyone. The only think I bought was a key necklace which I broke the next day. Luckily my dad could fix it so it’s all alright.
I also got the new perfume from The Body Shop- Dreams Unlimited.
Dreams Unlimited™  Eau De Parfum - New! Dreams Unlimited™
I got a sample the other day and it just smelt so good! I also got a free body lotion with it! I love The Body Shop- free stuff and 10% off with the membership card.
Vogue US November is Anne Hathaway. I really like her as I loved The Princess Diaries film when I was younger (OK, I still love it.)

It’s a really nice cover, very Christmassy!
I love Christmas but I hate that all the shops have stuff out now! It’s October!! It hasn’t even been Halloween!!! So no blogging about Christmas until at least November.
In other news, I can’t wait for the new Assassins Creed game, AC: Brotherhood! It’s so awesome! (Although not as obviously not as good as Uncharted!)

I get the internet on the 21st- hopefully- so more blogging from me soon! Bye!
P.S. What other blog do you read where they talk about fashion and shopping and also gaming and killing!? Ha!


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Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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