Escaping the cave

I’m sat at Uni right now. Eating pasta secretly in the library. I’ve checked for security cameras but I can see none. I just ordered some stuff off the internet and am currently downloading programmes to watch later when I get back to the cave.
My flat is really big but really expensive. With the deposit I had to pay and the agency fee, I’ve hardly got any money left for bills or rent. So yesterday we lit some candles and sat in the semi-darkness and wrapped ourselves in our duvets. Probably only saved a few pence but whatever, it all adds up. AND, yesterday I actually cooked a meal, for the first time ever! Wooo!
I went looking for a job yesterday but everywhere says you need to apply online, which is useful when you don’t have the internet. But thankfully, Accessorize were looking for weekend staff and they took my CV so hopefully…!
Here’s a series of books you should read: I Heart New York, I Heart Hollywood and I Heart Paris. I’m currently reading the second one and I just ordered the third one. They’re chick lit but really awesome!! It really tells you what it’s like to live in New York and it sounds amazing, but very cold in the winter.
Watched Ugly Betty yesterday, the one where Betty and Hilda buy Be-Sure preganancy tests. That made me laugh when they’re running away from their dad and trying to both get in the bathroom. I love Ugly Betty!
Don’t know when I’ll write again, but hopefully soon.


About rutheb

Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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