Elena, meet Katherine (or, Don’t read unless you’ve watched TVD 204)


Awesome episode. I was expecting it to be as I follow Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder on Twitter and both of them said it was a really good episode with flashbacks, Katherine and more secrets revealed.
The good thing about this programme is that it has lots of twists and the characters are cleverer than the usual TV character. Usually they can’t see something that’s right in front of them and it’s so obvious to you. But not TVD.
Stefan knew it was Katherine and not Elena next to him bed and he and Elena knew Caroline was acting strange and that she would be listening to their conversation so faked an argument.
And Damon! He’s just so awesome and unlike lots of characters who are always trying to be moral and do the right thing. He shakes hands with Mason to call a kind of truce, and then he goes ahead and tries to kill him anyway!
Finally in this episode Katherine and Elena meet and the special effects team have done it really well, you can’t tell it’s two seperate bits put together. And by the end of the episode you feel really sorry for Katherine.
Sigh. I love Vampire Diaries!

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