Awesome make-up

I was reading a beauty blog the other day and it inspired me to write about my own make-up. I don’t have as much as some people as I’ve only been wearing proper make-up for a little over a year. But I love it now!!
Foundation, blusher and concealer

Clockwise from top left:
Boi-ing Concealer by Benefit, Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation by Maybelline, CORALista by Benefit, Dandelion by Benefit, Some Kind-A Gorgeous by Benefit.
As you can see, I like Benefit. I love love love CORALista, it’s such a pretty golden pink with a slight shimmer. And when used with a foundation brush, Some Kind-A Gorgeous makes my skin look flawless. However when I use it with the pad provided, it made me orange. It’s light and is perfect for people who’s skin doesn’t need too much covering.

Nail varnish and lip glosses (and 1 lipstick)

Clockwise from left (but you’ll also have to kind of figure out where I’m going): 
Lipstick in Dolly Pink by Barry M, 1940s Judy lip gloss by Number Seven, 1990s Jennifer lip gloss by Number Seven, Posh Polish by Eyeko, Grey Nail Paint by Barry M, Purple nail varnish by Marks and Spencers, Block Orange nail varnish by Barry M, Bare 35 Nailed Polish by Sleek, Pink Champagne lip gloss by Clinique, Hi-Shine Lip Treatment lip gloss by The Body Shop.
To be honest, I didn’t buy much of this stuff. No- I didn’t steal it. I just got it free or won it. I really love Barry M Nail Paints and the eyeko nail varnish is such a pretty colour and dries probably the quickest of any nail varnish I’ve ever bought. The Barry M lipstick kind of dries my lips out and it’s a little too pink for my liking, but I won it with Glamour and it looks pretty. I thought the nail polish by Sleek would be my mannequin nails, but alas, no. It’s too pink. The two Number Seven lip glosses were limited edition for No7’s anniversary.

Clockwise from left: iDivine Sunset eyeshadow palette by Sleek, eyeshadow palette by Bobbi Pin.
Using the three greys at the top of the Bobbi Pin palette makes such an easy but awesome looking eye, they blend really well. I haven’t used the Sleek palette much but the colours look so nice and I’ve heard some good things about it.


Clockwise from left: Eyeshadow palette in Smoky Mint by No7, Eye dust in Breathless by Sleek, Eyeshadow palette in Cappuccino by No7, Eye Trio in The Noughties by Number Seven, Dazzle Dust in 938 by Barry M, Dazzle Dust in 917 by Barry M.
Here too, the Number Seven eye trio was limited edition for No7’s anniversary. I find that one and the other two No7 eyeshadows rather light but they are really nice colours and blend well and maybe if I just put more on they’d be darker. While the Dazzle Dusts are shimmery and dark and go all over the place, at least it does when I do it!

Hair and face

From left to right: Salt spray by Charles Worthington (with special Erdem design), Facial cleanser by Philosophy, Dry Shampoo in Tropical by Batiste, Hair Serum by Frizz-Ease, Conditioning Smooth Spray by Loreal Elvive.
The Purity Made Simple cleanser is awesome! I won it with Glamour otherwise I would never have used it (it’s like £17 or something). From the first time I used it my face was soft. Now I use it once a day and my skin is so incredibly smooth and soft! It’s awesome! Frizz-Ease makes my hair go wavy and ringlet-y, which isn’t what it’s supposed to do, but it’s awesome. I naturally leave my hair to dry and before I used Frizz-Ease it went crazy frizzy. But now it dries neatly.

Eye liners and brushes among other things

From top to bottom (you’ll have to try and figure it out again): Foundation brush by The Body Shop, Liquid eyeliner in Black by Barry M, Extreme Length mascara by No7, Eyeshadow brush by No7, It Stick concealer by Benefit, 5 coloured eye liners by No7 (they were in a set of mini eyeliners), Eye Bright by Benefit, Black eyeliner with brush by The Body Shop, Black eyeliner by Natural Collection, You’re Bluffing Redness Concealer by Benefit.
The Foundation brush is so soft and works so well. And none of the bristles have fallen out or are sticking out! I don’t like getting mascaras which make your lashes really really long as my lashes are naturally very long and if I put something like the Falsies or something on, they just look spidery and horrible. The No7 eyeliner pencils are really bright awesome colours that glide on really well. The Natural Collection eyeliner is one of the first things I got and I use it all the time. It glides on nicely but it does fade quickly. But whatever, I like it! You’re Bluffing is amazing if your cheeks and nose naturally go red sometimes (not from blushing or being hot).


From left to right: Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Love etc by The Body Shop, Chloe, Miss Dior Cherie by Dior.
A lot of my magazines had bits to smell for Daisy and it was just so nice!! So I got that for my birthday this year, it’s the small purse one which is refillable. Love etc smells really really nice too and it’s cheap so I can wear it more. The tiny Chloe perfume was free with a magazine and I haven’t really used it that much so I can’t even remember what it smells like. I think it’s nice though… And lastly, Miss Dior Cherie- my absolute favourite scent! But after a few minutes I can’t seem to smell it which is beyond annoying, but if I get a bit on my sleeve, it stays there for days and smells soooo good!!

And there’s my beauty post, I hope it was informative and maybe you’ll want to try something out! Even if you don’t, it was fun to write. 


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