Crazy ex

Watched the premiere of series 2 The Vampire Diaries this morning and woah, it was worth the wait.
Don’t worry, if you haven’t watched it yet, I won’t give anything away so you can continue reading safely.
It aired in the US last night and UK iTunes had it up this morning so I can watch it legally! I would rather pay and have it good quality and have it always on my laptop for whenever I want to watch something awesome than watch it illegally and bad quality. Not that I have ever watched anything illegally…
And that’s exactly why UK iTunes have it; so people don’t watch it illegally.
Anyway, back to the show. There were lots of things you weren’t expecting and one you obviously were; Katherine as the ‘crazy ex on the loose’ as Damon puts it. I can’t wait until next week. One episode in and it has a big cliffhanger! And poor Damon.


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One Response to Crazy ex

  1. hannahkin says:

    you’re obsessed with vampire diaries. i am still on series 1 after like … months and months of trying to catch up. ooops.

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