Why Maltesers? Because I’m eating them right now and they’re yummy.
Here’s the video for Taylor Swift’s new song ‘Mine’:

So she see’s him once in a cafe and I think she gets a little carried away with the imagining. Moving in, getting married, two kids…? And it’s amazing how the two of them look exactly the same from the day they meet to when they have kids. But. I do like this video, not as much as Love Story and You Belong With Me, but it’s still cool.
In other news:
1. Got Elle yesterday and it’s huge! I love Coco Rocha’s editorial- it’s like 30something pages long! And as you may have noticed, the banner for my site has changed and that’s from the shoot.
2. Also yesterday I officially got a flat in Bath. It’s top floor and really big. I love it!
3. Got Valentine’s Day from Lovefilm today. Not meant to be very good but who cares? Critics never say romantic comedies are very good.
4. Inception comes out on DVD 6th December. DECEMBER!! I can’t wait that long!
5. The Vampire Diaries starts in a week, in America anyway.
6. I love the picture below:

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Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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