We haven’t officially met: I’m Katherine

The Vampire Diaries Season 2 starts on September 9th. In America anyway. And if it’s not on UK iTunes within like a week, I’ll be forced to watch it through other means…
For those of you who just can’t wait until the new season, here’s some cool promo pictures!

There was this competition the other day: who is the sexiest beast (vampire, werewolf ect). There were 64 entries. The final two were Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and Robert Pattinson (that idiot Edward). Guess which one I voted for… And Damon won!!! Oh yeah, in your face Edward!

There’s an awesome trailer for the new season here.
I read some things that happen in the new season of The Vampire Diaries from one of the writers and if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading!! SPOILERS ALERT!!!

Tyler is a werewolf! Gasp! Although it was rather obvious when I watched the first season again: it would have a picture of the full moon then show him. Then he would go crazy, beating people up, and not know why. And now we know.
Jeremy doesn’t die. Which is a shame, he’s annoying and mopey and if he were a vampire he would be way more exciting.


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