‘I ain’t dropping no eaves sir’

Ah, I love Lord of the Rings.
I can’t remember why I went to see the first one, especially as I can remember my friend Jayde’s review of it in the school playground: ‘at the end they just walk down a hill’. That made it sound exciting. I also remember my brother fell asleep in either 2 or 3 (!.. how?) And sitting at the very front on the very left of the cinema for 3 which was rather uncomfy for however many hours it was. Apparently there was a break in the middle too as it was so long! Ah, the old days. I remember seeing Harry Potter 1 in the cinema and there was an interval after he catches the snitch. Ha.

In other news, Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Speak Now’ which comes out October 25th had an album cover:

Pretty huh?


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