Love Film? Well, yeah!

When I subscribed to Elle I also got to join The Elle Club too where there’s a load of special offers. Most of them are a load of rubbish. But this month it was a 30 day free trial at Lovefilm and a £10 voucher for! I’ve never tried Lovefilm before but the adverts are cool- ‘this is our destiny!’. Trouble is, I have to put 10 films in my rental list and I can’t think of any! All the films I want to watch I already have and I’ve usually bought them.
But I did want to watch Leap Year and Valentines Day (hey, I like romantic comedies okay? Especially 27 Dresses) and I decided to get Lord of the Rings- all 3- in Blu-ray. I have them normal DVD extended editions, but I love them so why not get them better quality. Okay, I’ve watched a couple of films in Blu-ray, like Leap Year which I got in the post today, and can anyone actually tell the difference from normal DVDs? I know I can’t unless I sit right next to the TV.
So I need to come up with 5 more films before 19 September.

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Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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