On… Thursday I went into London as my parents were invited to the Buckingham Palace garden party. They got to see the Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and had cucumber sandwiches and tea. Very English. On a sidenote- my mum is called Elizabeth and my dad is Philip. Cool huh? Anyway, so I wandered round Oxford and Regent Street. Oh, and Harrods. I was looking at all the expensive designer stuff- how awesome! And I saw the dress Gemma Arterton wore to the Prince of Persia UK premiere! I found the Burberry coats and they were only like £700! I want one so bad!!!
Anyway, the only thing I did buy was a skirt from Mango. This one:

And it was on sale! £45 down to £20. Awesome!

You know a while back I wanted that nail varnish- Particuliere. Well, as it was sold out everywhere (and it was quite expensive) I decided to get a cheaper version. And I’m wearing it right now. I ordered it off and it’s called Posh Polish:
Eyeko NEW Nail Polish
Its the one on the bottom left. It was £3.50 and it went on really nicely and dried really quickly. Perfect! They delivered it quickly and I even got a free sticker! Wooo!
Okay, buh-bye now.


About rutheb

Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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