Book Review: Hush Hush

Cool cover huh?

Hush Hush is about this girl called Nora Grey who meets this guy, Patch, who’s all mysterious. It’s not until you get like more than halfway through does it mention anything about angels but if you read the back of the book and look at the cover you kind of get the main ideas of the story: Patch is a fallen angel. Gasp!
It’s meant to be like the new Twilight which completely put me off it. But I read it anyway. And thankfully there was no staring or moping. And they didn’t like each other just because they were curious about each other.

Anyway, I finished reading it a few days ago and my feelings about it are rather mixed. At the beginning I thought Patch  the guy on the front) was really arrogant but he got less so as it went on so don’t let that put you off. It was a very quick read as there was lots of talking but that isn’t a bad thing. I noticed, and it’s not just this book, that the main character is just like blah, a normal, not very interesting girl with not much of a personality while the friends always have proper personalities and always have something much more interesting and fun to say.
Anyway. The main character- Nora- ‘s father was murdered a few months before the story starts (this isn’t giving anything away as it’s mentioned straight away) but it’s just mentioned in passing and it would be nice if more was said about him, although reading the extract from the sequel, it seems like he will be mentioned more in that one.
Okay, the next bit is a SPOILER!!

Near the end, Nora’s house is set on fire- or at least part of it is- and she just doesn’t seem to care. Earlier she was saying she didn’t want to move house as it was a part of her father, but then someone starts a fire in it and she does nothing except drive away and leave Patch to deal with it. If my house was about to burn down I think I would be frantically trying to shove all my expensive stuff in a bag and ran out with it to save it all. Or at least I would probably cry.

That’s the END OF THE SPOILERS now.
Overall, I did enjoy the book apart from a few annoying things. Like tiny crazy technicalities that are the reason for the entire story. And there was a twist I didn’t see. Although how could you know? Anyway.
I’ll be reading the next one: Crescendo, when it comes out. Oh, and I have NO IDEA why it was called Hush Hush. Nothing to do with the story at all. Weird.

Another cool cover for the sequel.


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