Here’s some interesting things…

Some random and amusing things to keep you occupied for all of the few minutes you take to read this:

1. You know the ancient Mayan civilization that predicted the world would end in 2012? Well they may think we’re all going to die soon, but they didn’t couldn’t even predict their own demise.

2. I’ll try to not get carried away with how Avatar was a useless cliched story and it was only popular because of the pretty colours but here’s something funny: isn’t it great how technology is sophisticated enough for James Cameron to make his $230m 3D Imax movie about rejecting technology. Ha! (Thanks to Total Film mag for that- don’t worry, I don’t usually read that magazine, I just got it once.)

And here’s a couple of cool Disney facts:

3: The guy who does young Hercules’ singing voice (in the one song ‘I Can Go The Distance’) was George Williams from Desperate Housewives! The pharmicist who was crazy in love with Bree and who pushed the guy who played Ted in Scrubs off a bridge! Isn’t that weird that he has a really good singing voice?

4. The guy who played Joshua in Friends- the one Rachel tried to impress as a cheerleader- did the voice of adult Hercules. Ha ha!

5. Ariel’s face was based on Alyssa Milano’s, Phoebe from Charmed! Awesome!

And here’s some random interesting things:

6. I finished my 60,000 word novel last week. Well, the first draft anyway. Yay!

7. I finished watched Series 1 of The Vampire Diaries and oh my gosh it’s good!! I can’t wait until later this year to find out what happens!

8. No 7 make-up has a new range for it’s 70th or 75th anniversary (I can’t remember which) which has different make-up looks for each decade. They’re all awesome, although some are little c r a z y!


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Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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