Review: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Went to see Prince of Persia yesterday after months of waiting. And it was awesome!!!! Dastan played by Jake Gyllenhaal was awesome and his British accent was really good. Near the beginning it was odd because he looked so much like the Prince from the games! Tamina played by Gemma Arterton wears amazing outfits and is fun and feisty. The scenery was amazing, it was just so pretty and huge! The parkour was awesome and the fights were too, although you never felt they were in danger. I’ve heard lots of reviews say that Sheik Amar played by Alfred Molina was the best bit, and yeah, he was good. But not the best bit. The soundtrack was was so good I bought it and I’m listening to it now!
Ok, now for the few critiques: The bad guy- I won’t say who as it’ll spoil it for you- wasn’t all that bad, he didn’t seem very evil. And it was a little bitty in places with some bits where you didn’t understand how or why it happened. But not as crazy as POTC 3!
Overall I loved the film and I’m going to go see it again tonight!


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