The fun starts here!

Today was my one and only exam for Uni- History. And it’s over! That means an entire summer ahead of me doing… absolutely nothing! No homework or anything. Although I think that might get a little boring.
And guess what? Tomorrow Prince of Persia comes out! Oh my gosh, I think I’ll die of excitement buying the tickets. I’m seeing it at 3pm which is the first showing. Arghhh!
AND the game comes out then too, although pre-ordered it with Game so we got free playing cards- and apparently it arrived today! Shame I’m not at home to play it.
Oh, that’s another thing. This is my last night in my house! I’m leaving tomorrow after the film then finding another house for next year. But I love my room..
Anyways, I said the fun started here. So…
1. This might not be fun for you, but last week I won some Barry M lip paint with the Glamour competitions throughout May! I never win anything!
Ok, here are some fun things for you to do: 
1. Bake some muffins
2. Try on your favourite top
3. Go shopping for one very specific, non-practical thing you’ve always wanted. Wouldn’t you be annoyed if they didn’t sell it anymore? And, I also read, you should buy two of the clothes you really like, just in case they break.
4. Watch Saturday morning cartoons while eating your favourite childhood cereal.
5. Go to the Benefit counter in Boots and get a free make-over.
6. Splash through puddles in wellies.
7. Listen to Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’. That’s always fun. Or you could watch the music video. Or the one for You Belong With Me- it’s on my awesome page.
8. Go watch Prince of Persia tomorrow!
Ok, I’ll end there as 8 is a good number. I like even numbers. Seeing as this is a ‘yay, good things!’ post, I’ll put a picture of my fav model here:
mitchell2 th Maryna Linchuk by Jem Mitchell for Vogue Nippon Beauty

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Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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