Review: Robin Hood

Just came back from seeing Robin Hood, like I promised yesterday. Overall I thought it was really good! Lots of action, bits of humour and some romance too, all of which make for a film I’d like. Cate Blanchett as Lady Marion was very good, she wasn’t just some ‘maid’ needing to be rescued and she joined in the battles too. She was probably the best character in the film as she was very believable. I’ve hardly seen Russell Crowe in anything, except for Master and Commander, but he was a believable Robin. Although looking back at it, he just seemed to be… there. I don’t really remember much emotion from him or any real idea that he liked Marion. The ‘merry men’ were funny but weren’t on screen much and the Sheriff of Nottingham was barely in it either. The battle at the end was vast although you never worried at all if Robin’s team would lose. Robin and Marion were good together and Mark Strong was a cool bad guy. So, in another words, I thought it was a really awesome film and you should go see it!


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