Stickers, Bonds and Princes

Look at this awesome nail varnish:

It’s by Chanel, as you can see, and it’s number 505 (just in case you want it, which I know you do, it’s such a nice colour!) £16 but I don’t care. It wasn’t in Boots today but it better be soon!!

Went in Paperchase today and saw this really cute design. It’s called ‘Day Trippers’ and I bought the stickers- only £1! Don’t know what to stick them on though…

Paperchase Wallet Notecards, Day Trippers Design

I also bought a wash bag with this design on, from Accessorize. Pretty huh?

Flamingo Print Weekend Bag

Ahh, look at him! I know you can’t HELP but look at him (only because you had to scroll down to read the rest of the post, but still) He’s Henry Cavill. You may have seen him in The Tudors or in Stardust (he played Humphrey- he had a blonde wig! It’s so funny!) which is like my FAVOURITE film! It also has Charlie Cox in. Mmm… Anyways, Henry was voted the unluckiest guy in some magazine a while back as he auditioned for Batman (he was in the final two I believe, him and Christian Bale of course) Superman (here I think he was in the final two as well) and James Bond! Don’t you think he would have made an amazing Bond? Way better looking than Daniel Craig. It was either going to be Henry, Daniel or Sam Worthington, you know, that rubbish actor in Avatar and Titans. The director wanted Henry but the producers thought he was too young. He IS 26, 27 on Wednesday. Daniel Craig is 40 something. But Henry Cavill as James Bond!! I can’t wait until he gets older so he can play him!!! Although I do think Daniel is a good Bond.

And here’s a quick reminder, Prince of Persia comes out in 18 days!! Oh my gosh, I remember when I was counting down from 100 and something. That’s only a little over 2 weeks left! I’m going to be booking my ticket as soon as it’s available on the internet and seeing the first showing. I can’t wait!!!


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