Photos of awesomeness

Here are the highlights of my trip to London last month. Most of the pictures I took were of buildings as I’m doing a presentation in my History class about architecture. But that’s boring, unless you’re Ted Mosby, Architect.

Here’s the Miu Miu shop, I’m  not really a fan of this season’s collection but still, it was cool that I actually got to see it.
Oh my gosh. I got really excited when I found the Burberry store near Harrods. I love Burberry Prorsum!

That picture of Emma Watson was like the size of my house. You can see the people walking in front of it. It was HUGE! Wouldn’t it be crazy if you were her?

I also have some more interesting photos to share with you. These ones are about films.
This is a picture I took from Stourhead which is from Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley. You know the bit where it’s pouring down and she’s running across the bridge and then the next scene Darcy proposes for the first time. Well, this is the bridge. I’ve also been in the place where he proposes but I don’t have any photos.

This is Basildon Park which is Netherfield in the same version of Pride and Prejudice. Awesome huh?

I took the picture below the other day, the sun’s a bit bright but you can still tell it’s the same house as the one Slughorn is in in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I was actually there when they were filming it. There were crowds and policemen and people in yellow coats all over the place. I didn’t see Harry or Dumbledore, or Slughorn which would have been amazing- he’s Zidler from Moulin Rouge! But a car did go past which may have had Daniel Radcliffe in.


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