Review: Clash of the Titans

At 8.30 last night I was sat in the cinema, waiting for Clash of the Titans 2D to start. (And of course I wasn’t giggling silently and wishing I could watch a different film as soon as the Prince of Persia trailer had ended). Here’s my thoughts on Titans:

Lets start with Sam Worthington huh? The main guy who played demi-God Perseus. Did he have any emotions? No. And what accent did he have?! Australian at some points and English at others. He wasn’t even good looking enough for me to overlook these things. Gemma Arterton, who is an awesome actress I think (just look at St Trinians- I love that film…) played Io. I think she played her well and I liked her crazy outfits. And what was Liam Neeson, playing Zeus, wearing?! It was some shiny armour. Why couldn’t they give him a white robe like Zeus should be wearing? I thought Medusa, CGed using model Natalie Vodianova, was really cool but her face looked very CGed. I actually got quite scared when the half beast half human guy (I can’t remember his name in the film!!) started attacking them, I had no idea how they were going to get out of that situation. The Kraken too scared me, but only because of how HUGE it was. Oh my gosh, I didn’t want to see the entire thing because I knew it would be so big. It was like five hundred times bigger than the Pirates of the Caribbean Kraken.

Overall, I really liked the film. No, its not going to win any awards and everything went perfectly for all the characters but it was just a fun film. I’d get it on DVD.
P.S. I’ve heard lots of reviews saying that the 3D version is a load of rubbish. Apparently the whole film was done with 2D in mind then they thought ‘hey, lets get some more money and add 3D’. And that’s how it looks. So if you’re going to see it, you may as well see it in 2D.


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