The Show Must Go On

Meant to be doing a Media essay but sshhh…
1. Watched Moulin Rouge! last night- ok awesome. The songs are still stuck in my head, going round and round with the same lyrics as I don’t know it all. Oh, and I didn’t cry at the end. Random Fact no 1: I’ve never cried in a film. NEVER!! Although I was quite close when Will died in POTC3. Never I say, NEVER!!
2. Yesterday I created an account on ebay. Bad idea. Luckily I only bought 1 thing. But I did find the Gucci shoes that I LOVE from ss 09.






Aren’t they AMAZING! They were only £500 ish and they were my size- 6!! I want them I want them I want them!!
3. Because I’m now obsessed with Benefit make-up, I bought the 5 pack of Flakes just so I could win one of the prizes. I’ve only tried one code so far but with no luck. Please let me win with one of the other four!!!!
Random fact no 2: It’s my birthday next week!!!
4. So I saw New Moon in Sainsburys today. I resisted the bad temptations of buying it. While I really liked some parts, the others were so stupid they made me laugh. I still might not be able to stop myself buying it if I see it for cheap somewhere though. Bad Ruth!!
5. Here, have something fun to do:
– Drink all your drinks through a Crazy straw
– Test perfumes until you find your favourite
– Get a complimentary make-over at Benefit (I have. Twice!)
– Listen to your favourite feel-good song
– Try on your favourite outfit
I have plenty more fun things to do. I have a book of them- I liked the pictures..
Can’t escape my Media essay for long… ciao… sniff…


About rutheb

Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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