‘Lets go to the mall’

I did as I said I would. I bought a load of stuff and went to see Alice.
The shops:
1. ‘CORALista’ Benefit make-up (It’s very pwetty)
2. No 7 eyeshadow set in Cappuccino (Because I had a £5 off voucher- and then I got another voucher for buying that! They just want me to keep buying things..)
3. Top from H&M (I think it’s like a fairtrade one with an awesome design on the front)
4. Body butter, shower gel and oil stuff from The Body Shop (It was my birthday month so I got a free £5 gift and then I was nice so I bought the shower gel for my Mum)
5. Borrowed ‘Quantum of Solace’ from the library and read it while waiting for the bus, it is NOTHING like the film, in ANY sense at all! Its crazy.

The film:
Before the film had even started I went crazy. There was a trailer for Prince of Persia. I was laughing silently all the way through it I was so excited- yes that’s how obsessed I am with the film. It was awesome!!
The film itself was really good- mad though. Johnny Depp was, obviously, really good. I liked the Cheshire Cat and the hare at the tea party. It was an all round fun film to watch and Alice’s dresses were amazing.

I’m going to add some pictures of my London trip in a later post so keep an eye out…


About rutheb

Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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