Went on a History trip with Uni the other day, for 3 days. Wasn’t that great. Although my impressions of London have been changed. I used to hate it because it was so busy, but now I like it.
However, all the jokes we made about being mugged or stabbed in London turned out to be partially true. Our coach was broken into and lots of things were stolen. Especially straighteners… None of my stuff was touched. Not that they would have nicked any of my things anyway. Nothing good in my bag. So that was great.
In better news:
– It’s my birthday in 15 days
– I hardly have any Uni this week
I just watched Julie and Julia (which I bought my Mum for Mother’s Day yesterday) and it was actually quite good. Meryl Streep made me laugh. Now I’m listening to my sister getting angry at the TV- she’s playing Prince of Persia.
Don’t worry people. I’ll stop writing about myself now. Tomorrow I’m going shopping and I’ll buy some nice new things to talk about here. And I may go see Alice in Wonderland so I’ll review that too.
Be sure to check back soon. Bye! Oh, and check out the cool Prince of Persia movie poster:



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Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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