Don’t you just love the snow?

Not that it’s snowing or anything.. or likely to.
7 quick reasons why I love Christmas:

1. The Christmas adverts. I love the perfume adverts too that appear at this time of year. I’ve seen 2 out of the 4 I want to see. (Lacoste Hayden Christensen/ Miss Dior Cherie/ Chanel No 5 Audrey Tautou/ Chanel No 5 Nicole Kidman)

2. Let’s be cheesy and say: Seeing Family. I like to see some of them anyway. (Not you Alison- and stop reading this!)

3. Presents!! Although I already know what all mine are.

4. No Uni.

5. Not having to do anything.

6. Buying presents for people- if I have money and I know exactly what they like.

7. The decorations and how cities look really pretty with all the lights.

And here’s a couple for hating Christmas:

1. The crowds- stupid people pushing.

2. Sprouts for dinner (but I’ve made a deal with Mum that I’ll eat all other vegetables but not sprouts)

You got any for my lists? Huh huh HUH? Well, if you do, twitter me or leave a message!
Gosh it’s gotten dark in my room- good thing I can touchtype (no, I’m not showing off…)
P.S. Like my new banner? Doesn’t Maryna Linchuk look awesome? The answer to both those questions is ‘yes’.


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Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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