Crying, driving and sighing

Titanic is one of those films that every has to have watched at least once in their lives. So I watched it for the first time two days ago. I know, eighteen years and I’ve only just watched it. But after all the hype, I actually found it rather dull. It’s the kind of film I would like- romance, drama, Leonardo diCaprio, and yet it went on for way too long and all Jack and Rose did was run up and down corridors- almost drowning in each one- and that was about it. I didn’t cry at all when Jack died (not that I’ve ever cried in any film) but I wasn’t even close with this one. I was closer to crying when Will Turner died in POTC3 or when Anakin kind of died in Star Wars (although he was very hot when he was evil) Sigh.
Anyways. Yesterday I drove all the way to Marlborough with Alison in the back. I actually did very well. We stopped off in the town centre and I got my magazine and a necklace from Accessorize when I really went in for some shoes I had seen on the internet. They only had size 6.5. When do they ever have half sizes?! I’m size 6 and that was the only one they didn’t have.
After the shopping trip where we crossed a wide busy road just so Alison could take a picture of Dorian Gray on the side of a bus. I drove to Nana’s. Here she gave me a pen with my name on it (for passing exams- along with a nice load of money) and called Dad an idiot for losing his glasses when he actually had them on.
So I’m sat here, typing this, my hair wet from the shower, dreading tomorrow where I’ve got this family thing I have to go to. It’s a 50th anniversary of my Aunt and Uncle- I think. So everyone will be chatting and eating and asking me exactly the same questions- Where are you going to Uni? Where are you going to live? Oh, you don’t want to live with Alison? What grades? etc. And then there will come my other Uncle who is such a showoff, boasting how his son (the one with hair longer than mine) got a load of A’s in his A-Levels. And then there will be a load of people who I’ve no idea who they are but they’re some relation in some distant way. Sigh. The only highlight of tomorrow will be the chance to use my perfume again. I’m sorry but it just smells so nice!!
Okay, I’ve rambled on for ages so bye now.


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Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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