Crazy thoughts

1. The other day- well, results day- we (me and family) went to the pub to celebrate. Half way through being there, I suddenly heard The Academy Is… ‘Everything We Had’ I didn’t think much of it as it’s always in my head and I’m always playing it. Then I realised it was actually playing in the pub!! That made my evening.
2. Yesterday I went shopping in Bath with high hopes of returning with this awesome pair of shoes and a bag from Accessorize. Unfortunately they didn’t have either in the shop. So then I wandered around depressed while Alison bought loads of stuff. I wanted to buy something so I got Miss Dior Cherie perfume!! It smells soooo nice, although I haven’t sprayed it yet… It’s only 30ml but it was MEGA expensive. But I don’t care! Here it is: Photo0559 It’s so preetty.
3. Here’s a random collage of awesome things:

Photo05584. I was bored so I went on and I found some really funny ‘unanswerable questions.’ Here are a few of my favourites:
If no one buys a ticket to a movie, do they still show it?
If the FBI break down your door, do they have to pay for it?
How can Darth Vader breathe and talk at the same time?
Why do sleeping pills have warning labels that state: Caution, may cause drowsiness’
Why does someone believe you when you say there are four million stars, but check when you say that the paint is wet?
Why do people constantly return to the fridge with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized?
Why is it that some people duck when it rains, do they think the rain won’t hit them?
Why isn’t there mouse flavoured cat food?
I should really stop reading these and writing them down…
Why do we wash bath towels? Aren’t we clean when we use them?
Where in the nursery rhyme does it say that Humpty Dumpty is an egg?
What if the hokey-pokey is what its all about?
Okay, last one:
If Pringles are so good that ‘once you pop you can’t stop’ why do they come with a resealable lid?
5. Once I had finished writing this I was going to take a shower. I’m close to the end and my Mum goes in the shower. Sigh. Maybe I’ll just read some more of those crazy questions…
6. If you want to read some more of the questions, go here:


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