Well, the world didn’t end

It’s always felt like everything would end on the 20th August as I couldn’t imagine what would happen after. I couldn’t imagine finally having my results and knowing whether or not I got into uni. But I’m getting ahead of myself.
The day before the results: I had planned for a relaxing day where I would (hopefully) forget about the following day and thus keep my nerves at bay. But mid-way through watching Scrubs, I saw someone walk past the window with a gigantic rucksack. I only know one person who had a huge rucksack- my brother Ian. But he was supposed to be in Asia. But alas, it was him. He randomly turned up home. It was kind of crazy. So now he’s staying here which is cool.
Results day: I woke up at about 6ish and by half 6 I couldn’t wait any longer. I got on my laptop and loaded UCAS- almost having a heart attack as I was so nervous- and then I saw the words I was hoping for: ‘Congratulations’ I had gotten into my first choice uni!! Then I was bored until half 10 when it was time to go to school to get results. And they were’nt too bad! B C D. It’s strange that when you think you did really well in an exam, you get lower grades (I got a C in my RS module) and when you think you did SO bad, you get good grades (a B in an English module) Crazy. After I’d gotten home I saw the long stretch of another month and a half of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So we went in to Devizes where I, purely by coinicidence- met up with Hannahkin, Chelsey and Lufii. So that made a boring trip to Devizes way better!
And now it’s the day after results and we’re all still alive. I’m bored and I’ve rambled on for probably way longer than you would care to read. So I’ll stop now.

About rutheb

Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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