Had my fourth driving lesson today. So that should have cost me roughly £80, but no, I’ve payed £5! It’s awesome getting your Dad to teach you to drive. I’m slowly getting the hang of the whole driving thing although I still drift towards the curb and suck at starting. I also drove home from Melksham today, I was doing like 50mph but Dad still said that I had a big queue behind me..
My new favourite film: The Young Victoria. I love it although I can just hear my friends saying how lame it is. But I’m sorry if I like romantic things. Oh, and I’m also addicted to Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty now. I’ve been watching GG on the internet and I only started watching UB at the start of season 3 as my brother told me it was good and I would like it. My brother said that. But he’s been watching lots of girly films recently because of his girlfriend- fiance.
And that reminds me that I have to go shopping soon- to Bath or Swindon- to buy a dress for his wedding, and shoes- I love shoes. And also see if I can find Gossip Girl for cheaper than Amazon in any of the shops.
Going to practise theory test stuff on this DVD that by Dad bought me now. BYE!


About rutheb

Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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  1. hannahkin says:

    I have series 1 of ugly betty on dvd, its the best series 🙂 you can borrow it if you want :D?? xxx

  2. rutheb says:

    I would love to borrow it 😀 But when are we going to see each other? Aww, that sounds like some romantic film 🙂

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