10 out of 10

Yesterday at 7.30pm I was sat in the cinema awaiting the new Harry Potter. At 7.50-ish, after advert after boring advert- some of which the audience actually laughed at, don’t they watch TV at home?- it started. It was by far the best of the series. I didn’t really like Dumbledore in the last few films but he was actually good in this one, Daniel Radcliffe is getting a better actor although he can’t cry, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint were awesome. All the bits where they liked each other were funny. And there were lots of tiny bits from the book that they had in it which made it even better. All the Ginny and Harry bits were a bit odd though.
Oh, and on a sidenote. When Harry and Dumbledore go to Slughorn’s house at the very beginning, they are at Lacock which is down the road from where I live. And I went there when they were filming it- a year and a half ago! I also saw the limo which supposedly had Dan in! So that was cool.
When Ron was floating around after having eaten the chocolates with love potion in from Romilda Vane, the person next to me was laughing tons. And then when he drank the poisoned wine and he fell over, they continued laughing. But they stopped rather suddenly when they realised that he was having a fit. Don’t they read the books?!? It really annoys me even though it’s not a big deal. Grr. Ah well.
Also yes2day, me and Dad were talking about watching Lord of the Rings in the cinema and I said:
“Didn’t Philip fall asleep in one of them?”
“Were we?” Now that didn’t make sense with what I had just said so I asked him why he said that. He said:
“I thought you said that we were sat in the front seat.”
I found that rather funny as it sounds exactly right, Philip fall asleep- sit in the front seat. Mwah ha ha.
Daisy is snoring beside me. Ciao!

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Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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