Oh my gosh and Why?!

Firstly- oh my gosh. My Dad told me today that apparently where I live used to be the centre of this village- I live in the middle of nowhere- but then this village got the plague and they used my road as somewhere to bury all the dead people. So they called it Burials Lane. Which is very close to what my road is called now. And they closed off this road because of the all the dead plague people !!! Nice. So I asked him, if we dug in our garden, would we find loads of dead bodies? And he said that it was in the hundreds of years ago so they probably wouldn’t be there any more. But still.
And the Why?! I love to watch Wimbledon and I want Maria Sharapova to win. But she went out today!!! Why?! But I didn’t hate the girl who beat her, so that was even more annoying. The one time that I went to Wimbledon, a couple of years ago, I was watching this other match on one of the little courts but I could hear Maria’s grunting from Centre Court! I also saw Amelie Mauresmo- who I want to win now- and John MacEnroe. Awesomes.
And now Roger Federer is on and he’s got 2 games until he wins. My Mum fancies him and it’s annoying when we’re watching him because every time he misses a point she’s like ‘oh come on, you should have got that’ or something along those lines. So I’m sat outside with the IBM SlamTracker Wimbledon thing so I can see the scores. Oh, one game to go until he wins. Good. I’ve missed 4 minutes of ‘Friends’ already. Hurry up!


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Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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