So I would put the next part of my Sims 3 guide on here, but my sister’s playing it on her laptop. So I can’t, obviously.
But here’s some little cool things about it:
– When you click to do actions and things, the little picture of your sim in the middle is not just the head, its down to their chest. Well, I think thats cool…
– There’s little items such as a pile of magazines, box of tissues, towel rack thing, toilet paper, etc. And, you can place them almost anywhere on a surface and you can put like three or four things on the same surface!
– Under the build and that other menu that I can’t remember the name of, the furnishing one, theres little pictures of the rooms and you click on the items in the room to buy the stuff. I’ll put a picture up of it as it’s kind of hard to explain.

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Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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