Mango, muggers and mug-shots

Today I got a letter from the Uni I’m planning to go to and I have to fill in this form, including sending them a passport photo. I think the four that I had last time have been used up, which means I’m going to have to get a new one. Darn. I hate those photo booth things and I hate not being able to smile. Damn you whoever came up with passport photos.
I also hate decisions. I’m really indecisive as I usually have my mum or my sister with me to make decisions for me. So now I’ve just cut my nails, for two reasons. 1. I read that its fashionable to have short squarish nails with bright colours like apple green and 2. It was getting hard to get my mango lip salve out of the tub without getting it all under my nails. But now they’re cut, what colour shall I paint them? Seeing as I only have red, pink or purple it shouldn’t be too hard…
And in other news. I watched the Friends episode where they find out that it was Phoebe who mugged Ross when they were younger and she stole his ‘Scienceboy’ comic. That made me laugh! It would be awesome if life was like how they live…
Anyway, I’ve chosen pink for my nails even though I don’t particularly like pink.


About rutheb

Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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