So I’ve been writing a novel for the past few years called Lizel. Its about this girl- called Lizel- who learns how to become an animal. Then one day her friend disappears and no one but Lizel can remember she existed. She meets up with Finley- this mysterious and rather unfriendly guy- and they travel across the land of Radeta to get the friend back along with other who have gone missing too!
If you want to read it, the first few chapters are on the internet, just click on the picture below…


Don’t you think the covers cool? I made it myself!!


About rutheb

Love fashion and video games, make-up and reading, writing, watching films and looking at fashion magazines.
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2 Responses to Lizel

  1. ch3lz says:

    I remember reading some of it I loved it!!! yaaaaaay! when it’s published and ur famous can I have a signed copy??? =)

  2. rutheb says:

    Of course you can have a signed copy!! 😀 And thank you for liking it!

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